893.00/7587: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

359. Following from American consul general, Hankow, which has been repeated to commander in chief, United States Asiatic Fleet:

“August 29, 5 p.m. Vincent19 telegraphs that he received official notice August 27 that Siang and Yangtze Rivers between Changsha and Hankow have been mined and that he has filed a protest, I have not yet received such a notice. General situation substantially unchanged except many unarmed soldiers, some wounded, passing through concessions, many refugees, others; passing down river, Great quantities personal and household effects coming into the concessions, much Red propaganda being disseminated. Hankow Herald, American, editorially demanding despatch of destroyers here. British cruiser arriving tomorrow. So far good order has been [Page 621] maintained, but, since there is evident desire on the part of some Americans that American force be sent here as precautionary measure, especially since there is a possibility of looting by disgruntled soldiers, it is suggested that at least additional units be made available to come here on short notice. In this connection British naval vessels are convoying their merchantmen, and similar service for American vessels may be requested. Wu Pei-fu is at the front near Hoshengchiao which is about 30 miles from Hankow.”

  1. John C. Vincent, vice consul at Changsha.