711.4216 M 58/110

The British Chargé (Chilton) to the Secretary of State

No. 711

Sir: With reference to correspondence ending with your note No. 711.421 M. 58/82 of February 20th last,8 relative to the publication of certain correspondence between the United States Government and the Canadian Government, relating to the diversion of water from Lake Michigan by the Sanitary District of Chicago, I have the honour to inform you that I am in receipt of a communication from the Governor-General of Canada informing me that the Dominion Government are desirous of publishing the following additional documents on this subject:

Sir Esme Howard’s note No. 91 of February 5th, 1926.
Mr. Chilton’s note No. 291 of April 28th, 1926.
Mr. Chilton’s undated note No. 299 which was received by the State Department on May 1st, 1926.
State Department note No. 711.4216 M 58/96 of May 18th, 1926.
State Department note No. 711.4216 M 58/80/97 [sic] of July 26th, 1926.

In addition to the above correspondence, the Canadian Government desire to publish the text of the enclosed despatches8 which His Majesty’s Embassy addressed to the Governor-General of Canada on May 4th and July 30th, 1926, respectively, notifying the Canadian Government of the despatch to the United States Government of the undated note from the Embassy No. 299 referred to under (3) above, and transmitting to the Canadian Government a copy of State Department note of July 26th last referred to under (5).

I have the honour to request that you will be so good as to notify me at your earliest convenience whether the United States Government are prepared to agree to the simultaneous publication of these papers in the United States and Canada. Inasmuch as the Canadian Parliament is summoned to meet on December 9th next, Lord Willingdon informs me that the Canadian Government consider that it would be desirable to agree to that date as a suitable one for the simultaneous release of the papers in both countries.

I have [etc.]

H. G. Chilton
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