835.24/21: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Jay) to the Secretary of State


16. Your 12, March 1, 4 p.m. Yesterday a favorable opportunity occurred and I discussed the matter frankly and informally with the Foreign Minister.

He authorized me to say that the Government of Argentina will disregard all influences brought to bear, and he reminded me that despite keen foreign competition the Government of Argentina accepted an American bid to recondition Argentina’s two battleships.1 My understanding is that no decision will be made until the commission returns and makes its report.

The Foreign Minister would not admit my purely personal suggestion that the Government of France was pushing the matter, but mentioned Sweden and Spain as deeply interested. Evidently the successful work on the battleships has greatly pleased the Government of Argentina and I hope the effect will be beneficial.

  1. The Argentine battleships Moreno and Rivadavia were repaired in 1925–1926, at Quincy, Mass.