The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Young) to the Secretary of State

No. 105

Sir: I have the honor to report that informal conversations are in progress between the Haitian Minister at this capital and the Dominican Government with a view to effecting a settlement of the long standing boundary controversy.

According to the Legation’s information it now seems not improbable that an adjustment and settlement of the question may be effected by the adoption, with slight modifications, of the “American [Page 544] Line” of 1912.82 The more important modifications to which consideration is now being given are based on:—

The desire of the Dominican Government to connect the towns of Restauración and Banica with a road which will run only through Dominican territory. At present travelers between these two points must cross over into Haiti.
The desire of the Haitian Government to connect Banane and Anse á Pitre with a road running over Haitian territory.
With respect to Lake Saumatre, through which the line now runs, the Haitian Government is desirous, according to the Legation’s information, of procuring an adjustment under which the line would skirt the eastern and southeastern shore of the lake, leaving the village of Jimaní, however, within Dominican territory.

President Vasquez in a recent conversation informed me that he is desirous of arranging, shortly after the coming elections in Haiti, a meeting with the Haitian President at the border for the purpose of effecting, if possible, an agreement in principle with respect to the boundary. The President added that he intended to urge the adoption of the “American Line” with whatever changes might be found desirable and convenient to both countries. He asked me to regard this information as strictly confidential, adding that he had not yet broached the matter to the leaders in Congress.

The Legation will of course keep the Department fully informed of developments. It is not believed however that any of importance will eventuate until after the Presidential elections in Haiti.

I have [etc.]

Evan E. Young
  1. See telegram, Sept. 24, 1912, to the Minister in the Dominican Republic, Foreign Relations, 1912, p. 368.