721.2315/301a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru (Poindexter)


53. More than a year and three months have passed since the procès-verbal between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru for the settlement of their boundary difficulties was signed in Washington,63 and I think it not unreasonable to expect the Peruvian Government now to give some definite indication of its intentions in regard to carrying out the provisions of the procès-verbal. The boundary treaty between Peru and Colombia64 was approved last October by the Colombian Congress. The Government of Colombia has again manifested its desire to fulfill the last of its provisions under the procès-verbal, namely, the conclusion with Brazil of a boundary treaty fixing the boundary on the Apaporis-Tabatinga line. Neither Brazil nor Colombia can take further action until Peru ratifies the treaty of March 1922, with Colombia. Thus all further action is suspended until Peru [Page 535] complies with its undertakings in the procès-verbal. For this reason I desire you to take up the matter most earnestly with President Leguía and with the Minister for Foreign Affairs in an endeavor to see if it is not possible to terminate this matter at an early date. You may point out to them that Peru’s inaction on this treaty means that not only is the boundary dispute between Colombia and Peru kept open but also that the fulfillment of the other provisions of the procès-verbal is made impossible, as they are to be taken only after Peru has ratified the treaty with Colombia; that is, Peru’s inaction also keeps open the boundary question between Brazil and Colombia. I am sure that the Government of Peru does not desire the responsibility for keeping pending two international conflicts of long standing, but that it will desire to have them settled as quickly as possible. I hope that President Leguía will take whatever action may be necessary to try to have the treaty of 1922 ratified at the earliest possible moment. Report fully by cable.

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