723.2515/2786: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Jay) to the Secretary of State


96. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Gallardo, tells me that President Alvear, in view of fact that Argentine Minister at Montevideo has informed him that we are also seeking support of Brazil and Uruguay, feels that it would not be advisable either to telegraph to President of Peru directly or to instruct diplomatic action through Argentine Legation at Lima, without consulting the other two powers. He has, therefore, instructed the Minister for Foreign Affairs to obtain views of Brazilian Government by telegraph. Mr. Gallardo expects to have a reply from Rio by tomorrow, but he frankly, though regretfully, expresses the belief that even concerted action will be too late. He has shown me telegrams he has sent and received, including one from Lima that had just arrived foretelling probable refusal within 48 hours.