723.2515/2777a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Peru ( Poindexter )


88. Press report from Lima carries statement that leading newspapers are abstaining from editorial comment but that high political [Page 516] interests close to President Leguía are now condemning proposal openly. It has been approved practically unanimously by press of the United States and of South America. Bolivia has accepted it unconditionally and Chile has accepted it in principle. I suggest that you urge President Leguía to accept the same way, thereby opening the road to a final settlement. We learn by the same press report that the President of the Chamber of Deputies had declared that the Lassiter motion50 was still the law ruling in the Tacna-Arica proceedings; and until the Arbitrator has modified or altered it, must remain so. The Government of Peru should understand that the Lassiter motion does not dispose of the problem which we are trying to solve.

  1. Of June 14, 1926, terminating the plebiscitary proceedings in the Tacna-Arica plebiscite; see telegram June 14, 8 p.m., from the consul at Arica, p. 482.