723.2515/2499: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Collier ) to the Secretary of State


222. Accompanied by First Secretary of Embassy Engert, I called on President Figueroa and the Minister for Foreign Affairs today at noon and practically read to them a paraphrase of your No. 113, June 25, noon. They neither asserted that Ambassador Cruchaga had exceeded his instructions nor did they disavow any declaration he had made.

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I said that as Chile has broken off good offices I felt that if it was her wish that they be resumed the Chilean Government ought to place before you a definite proposition which the Congress would be sure to ratify. I also said that I felt, personally, that it was for them to suggest good offices in hope of inducing Arbitrator to postpone any consideration which he ought to give to the termination resolution of June 14 or in hope that he would refrain from fixing the responsibility. President Figueroa and Mathieu both said that they would have to have some time to ascertain the sort of settlement which public opinion would approve. I admitted this much, but maintained that request for good offices could not be used to delay action by Arbitrator. I think that the Government is worried by the situation and may possibly take some action; but I feel that we should be very watchful in matter of offering a renewal of good offices.

In leaving the President’s office we met several Ministers going in, evidently for a Cabinet meeting.