723.2515/1966: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Arica ( Von Tresckow )


For Lassiter. Your February 24, 6 p.m.

(1) Question of further postponement of registration must be decided by Plebiscitary Commission in light of conditions appearing at time issue arises. It seems to me that you are maintaining the safe and correct attitude by assuming that present program can and will be carried out, and by taking care that responsibility for any deviation from program must be shouldered by one or both of the parties themselves.

Yesterday I received an unfavorable response from Peru9 to my suggestion for settlement through good offices of this Government, but it is still possible that I may receive further word from Peru on matter in next one or two days, when I shall advise you. It did not appear wise to withhold decision on cross appeals from the regulations, and decision went forward last night.

(2) I regret that consular officers of this Government can not be authorized to act for Plebiscitary Commission. The official organization of this Government should not in any way be drawn into participation in the plebiscitary functions, as this procedure would only afford additional pretext for trying to make United States accept responsibility for carrying out plebiscite and for enforcing decisions of the Commission. I suggest for your serious consideration, moreover, question whether Commission itself has jurisdiction to operate in this way outside plebiscitary area.

  1. Telegram not printed.