723.2515PC/347: Telegram

The Consul at Arica (Von Tresckow) to the Secretary of State

From Pershing.

With reference to my contemplated absence from Arica and from duty in connection with the Plebiscitary Commission, Tacna-Arica Arbitration on account of illness and further reference to Arbitrator’s ruling that no one can be designated as commissioner ad interim, I hereby tender my resignation as commissioner in order that an American member may be appointed in my place.
I consider it important that the president of the Commission be here in the territory or near at hand at all times and therefore recommend that my resignation be accepted to take effect upon my departure from Arica and that General Lassiter be appointed to take effect at the same time.
General Lassiter is expected to arrive on the 21st and I shall leave as soon thereafter as practicable and shall notify you the exact date when determined.91
Von Tresckow
  1. General Pershing left Arica Jan. 27, 1926.