723.2515/1807: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile ( Collier ) to the Secretary of State


8. I have just received from our Legation at Montevideo a copy of the Minister’s despatch No. 118 to you, of December 31, 1925,65 which you will probably receive about January 18. In it Mr. Grant-Smith says that Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs has received from their Legation here at Santiago reports of conversations with me in regard to possibility of his ascertaining whether Chile might be willing to extend powers of the Arbitrator and whether the Governments of Uruguay, Argentina, and, possibly, Brazil might feel disposed to offer advice in this direction to the Governments of Chile and Peru. Mr. Grant-Smith says that Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs feels he can take no step in matter because neither Uruguayan Minister at Washington nor American Minister at Montevideo have at any time received instructions or been informed from you in regard to the matter. Mr. Grant-Smith also says that Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs said he would talk over matter with Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs, who is in Montevideo today.

I now believe that it would be a wise act for you to instruct our representatives in Argentina and Uruguay and possibly to discuss the matter with the representatives of those two countries in Washington. My only conversations with my Argentine and Uruguayan colleagues have been fully and correctly reported.

  1. Not printed.