The Japanese Embassy to the Department of State33

The American Government appears to be under the apprehension that the Japanese proposal embodied in the memorandum of the Japanese Embassy, Washington, dated December 24th, 1924, may not commend itself to the Chinese Government. An examination, however, of the Chinese proposal recently made to the United States and Japan shows that the Chinese Government has as its aim to manage and work on its own account the Chinese radio stations to be established with foreign loans, and that the main purpose of the Chinese proposal is in substantial agreement with that of the Japanese proposal. It is thus believed to mark a step forward toward the adjustment of the question of wireless telegraphy in China. In these circumstances, it is most earnestly hoped that this long pending controversy may speedily be settled on the basis of the Japanese proposal above alluded to.

With this hope in view, the Japanese Government ventures to suggest again that as set forth in the last paragraph of the Memorandum of the Japanese Embassy, Washington, dated June 1st, 1925, the Japanese proposal be submitted to a meeting of representatives of the radio interests of the various countries concerned to be examined and reported as to its feasibility.

  1. Handed to the Secretary by the Japanese Ambassador, Oct. 9, 1925.