800.51 W 89Czechoslovakia/119

The Czechoslovak Chargé (Lípa) to the Secretary of State

The Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of the Czechoslovak Republic presents his compliments to His Excellency, the Honorable Secretary of State, and with reference to his note of September 3, 1925, No. 938–25 [937–25],17 has the honor to announce that the Commission which has been sent by the Czechoslovak Government to the United States in connection with the settlement of Czechoslovakia’s indebtedness to this country consists of the following members:

  • Dr. Vilém Pospíšil, Head of Commission;
  • Mr. Jan Kučera, from the Ministry of National Defense;18
  • Dr. Karel Brabenec, from the Ministry of Finance;

and of financial experts:

  • Dr. Eugen Lippansky, from the Ministry of Finance, and
  • Mr. Zikmund Konečný, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This Commission will sail for the United States from Cherbourg on the steamship Berengaria on September 26, 1925.19

  1. Not printed.
  2. By a note dated September 23 from the Czechoslovak Chargé, this line was corrected to read, “Mr. Karel Kučera, Assistant General Director of the Banking Office of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Finance.” (File No. 800.51 W 89 Czechoslovakia/120.)
  3. For negotiations with the World War Foreign Debt Commission and text of agreement signed Oct. 13, 1925, see Combined Annual Reports of the World War Foreign Debt Commission, pp. 193–204.