500.A 4 e/361: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

418. I have just received from senior minister mimeographed circular entitled “Provisional Agenda for the Special Conference on Chinese Customs” which has been handed to him by the Foreign Office for distribution, reading as follows:

  • A. Tariff autonomy. (1) Adoption by the Chinese Government of the Chinese general customs tariff. (For practical convenience a period is to be agreed upon within which to make preparations for the coming into force of tariff autonomy and application of the Chinese general customs tariff.) (2) Abolition of likin.
  • B. Provisional measures to be taken during the interim period. (1) Levy of an interim surtax. (2) Levy of a surtax on articles of luxury. (3) Arrangements to unify the rates of customs duties at the land and maritime frontiers. (4) Valuation of commodities.
  • [C] Related matters. (1) Arrangement[s] to ascertain the country of origin of imported goods or produce. (2) The depository [depositing] of customs revenues.”

Copy by mail to Tokyo.