701.0093 D 34/187 bis

The Italian Minister in China (Cerruti), Senior Minister, to the American Chargé (Mayer)95

Circular No. 187 bis

Subject: Events at Shanghai

The Senior minister has the honor to circulate herewith a note concerning the events at Shanghai which was addressed to him by the Waichiaopu June 24.


The Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs (Shen) to the Italian Minister in China (Cerruti), Senior Minister

Mr. Minister: With reference to the killing of Chinese by the police of the International Settlement of Shanghai, the Chinese delegation presented 13 points for discussion at Shanghai with the delegation [Page 671] which was sent by the Ministers. Unfortunately they could not reach a settlement.

As it has now been decided to transfer the negotiations to Peking, I have the honor to submit to Your Excellency the proposals formulated by the Chinese delegation at Shanghai, as well as the views of the Chinese Government, on the subject of the revision of the treaties which is considered hereafter to be absolutely necessary. The 13 demands mentioned above are as follows:

Abolition of all extraordinary military measures.
Release of all Chinese who have been arrested in connection with this affair and reopening of all schools closed or occupied in the International Settlement.
Punishment of those to blame, who, pending their trial (on very grave charges), should be immediately suspended from their duties.
Indemnity to the victims (dead and wounded) and to the laborers, merchants, and students who have suffered loss as a result of this affair.
Formal apologies.
Restitution of the Mixed Court to the Chinese Government.
The Chinese employed in the factories and homes of foreigners, seamen, and workers who have struck because of the agitation produced by the incident shall be reinstated without reduction of pay for the period of the strike.
Liberal treatment for laborers, i. e., no punishment shall be inflicted if they wish to abstain from work.
Regarding the status of the International Settlement:
The Chinese shall participate in the Municipal Council and rate payers’ meetings. The rate payers will choose their representatives in proportion to the amount of the taxes paid by them. In voting they will have the same rights and privileges as the foreign voters.
In determining the right to vote, examination shall be made to see whether properties actually belong to the titleholder, or whether he is simply an agent or representative. Only the actual owner will have the right to vote and if the property is held by an agent it is the real owner who will vote.
The Municipality shall not construct roads outside of the International Settlement; those which are already so constructed shall be ceded back unconditionally to the Chinese Government, which will have the control of them.
The regulations concerning the press, the rights of wharfage, and the stock exchanges should be repealed.
Chinese in the International Settlement shall have freedom of speech, of assembly, and of the press.
The Secretary of the Municipal Council, Benbow-Rowe, shall be dismissed.

These 13 demands represent only a part of the questions which must be settled in connection with the Shanghai incident. The Chinese Government is of the opinion that in order to assure definitely [Page 672] friendly relations between China and the foreign powers and a permanent peace, all the unequal treaties which have been concluded in the past must be revised. For this purpose I have had the honor to address to Your Excellency today a note which you will receive at the same time and which explains the reasons for this demand.98

I beg Your Excellency to be good enough to communicate this note to the interested ministers and hope that negotiations thereon will be opened as soon as possible in order to arrive at a prompt settlement, which is my most heartfelt desire.

I avail [etc.]

Shen Jui-lin
  1. Copy (in French) received by the Department on September 9. The Chargé in China reported the receipt of the enclosed note from the Chinese Foreign Office in telegram No. 255, July 2.
  2. Supplied by the editor.
  3. Supplied by the editor.
  4. See telegram No. 247, June 24, from the Chargé in China, p. 763.