The Chairman of the American Delegation (Burton) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: I am enclosing a writing signed by the three Delegates who did not join in the signature of the Treaties. This might assume considerable importance and I send it to you.

The Conference came to a close at three o’clock today and in reviewing what has been done, I think we have great reason for satisfaction in the results.

Very cordially yours,

Theodore E. Burton
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Statement Approving the Provisions of the Convention and Consenting to Its Signature

The undersigned Delegates, having examined the text of the Convention for the Control of the Trade in Arms, Ammunition and Implements of War, approve of its provisions and consent to the signing thereof by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the American Delegation.

  • A. T. Long
  • A. W. Dulles
  • C. L’H. Ruggles