462.00 R 296/893: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Herrick)

78. For Logan. L–213.

(1) Your L–339 was communicated to the Treasury which, in view of the Belgian attitude respecting pre-Armistice debt, considers it important that in connection with the proposed exchange of letters it should be made clear that the position of the United States as to the Belgian debt is in no way changed.

(2) Treasury suggests that you address the following letter to Gutt:23

“Pursuant to our conversation I communicated to my Government your suggestions as to the modification of the draft letters and your reasons therefor which we discussed, also your statement that it would be unnecessary to refer in the letters to the position taken by the Government of the United States with respect to pre-Armistice advances inasmuch as the distinct reference in the proposed letters to Article 4 of the agreement of January 14, 1925, constitutes a practical admission that the United States is in no way committed to the modification of this position. I am authorized to inform you that, if it be clearly understood that the United States does not in any way modify its position in the matter, my Government has no objection to the modifications which you proposed in the draft letters.”

(3) On the foregoing basis you are authorized to exchange with Gutt the proposed letters containing the modifications set forth in your L–339, inserting the phrase “by reason of the debt of Belgium to [Page 530] the United States of America” after the date “January 14, 1925,” and before the words “I am directed et cetera” in the first paragraph of your letter to Gutt so as to correspond to his letter.

  1. Transmitted by Mr. Logan to Mr. Gutt on February 16. with “the” before “draft,” 1. 2, changed to “your.”