[The Department of State had hoped to print in the present volume of Foreign Relations the full record of the case concerning the killing of Vice Consul Robert W. Imbrie at Teheran, Persia, on July 18, 1924. However, when certain documents in the case were, in accordance with established practice, submitted to the Iranian Government with a view to obtaining permission for publication, that Government requested that the documents in question be not published at this time.

In view of the importance of the Imbrie case from the point of view of international law, the Department considered that it would be undesirable to publish only a part of the record since such publication would detract from a proper understanding of the case. In the circumstances the Department reluctantly reached the conclusion that it would be best to defer publication until such time as the Iranian Government was in a position to give its consent to the publication of the above-mentioned documents, and at that time to publish the entire record.]