The Chinese Minister (Sze) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have received a cable message addressed by the President of the Republic of China to the President of the United States of America,88 the text of which is enclosed herewith.

I shall be greatly obliged if you will be so kind as to transmit the message to its high destination.

Accept [etc.]

Sao-Ke Alfred Sze

The President of China (Tsao Kun) to President Coolidge89

Mr. President: I consider it a privilege to bespeak, on behalf of my fellow citizens, to Your Excellency and the people of the United States our sincere appreciation of the generosity shown in the remission of their portion of the 1901 indemnity. The remission of a part of this indemnity in 1908 contributed much to the special friendliness toward the people of the United States, which had developed in the hearts of the Chinese people ever since the beginning of intercourse between our two peoples. The present action will still further increase the friendliness, and Your Excellency’s Government have thus placed the people of China under an endless debt of gratitude to the people of the United States.

Tsao Kun
  1. On the same day the Chinese Minister transmitted a similar expression of appreciation from the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Secretary of State (file no. 493.11/1016).
  2. Acknowledgment of this message was transmitted in telegram no. 134, June 28, 1924, to the Minister in China (file no. 493.11/1045a).