The Chinese Minister ( Sze ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of June 14th, 1924, in which you are good enough to convey to me the welcome information that the President has approved the Joint Resolution passed by the American Congress to provide for the remission of further payments of the annual installments of the Chinese indemnity. I hasten to express to you the thanks of the Government and people of China for this signal proof of American friendship for China. The Chinese Nation will ever hold this generous action on the part of the United States in grateful remembrance.

The first remission by the American Government in 1908 enabled the Chinese Government to devote the annual payments of the indemnity thus set free to educational purposes. The results of the experiment have convinced the Chinese Government of the wisdom of the step taken in this direction. It is the purpose of the Chinese Government to continue the policy with the further payments remitted by the present act of the American Government with such modifications as experience and the demands of the times may dictate. As the demand for scientific education has in recent years been increasingly urgent in China my Government now proposes to devote the funds thus made available by the generosity of the [Page 556] American Government to educational and cultural purposes, paying especial attention to scientific requirements. Moreover, it is the intention of my Government to intrust the administration of the funds to a Board which shall be composed of Chinese and American citizens as members, and also to avail itself of the services of experts in working out the details along the lines indicated. Upon the formulation of some definite plan I shall take pleasure in laying it before you for your consideration.

Accept [etc.]

Sao-Ke Alfred Sze