875.00/157: Telegram

The Chargé in Albania (Kodding) to the Secretary of State


71. I am mailing a report8 giving details of the alleged dissatisfaction which is accumulating with respect to the present Government of Albania. The opposition here and abroad is aided in accentuating differences between the regions and parties which united to overthrow [Page 313] the former Government by the uncompromising attitude of the present regime on land-tenure reforms in contrast with its inability to pay salaries and its vacillating policy concerning appointments. The British Minister does not conceal his belief that a revolution will occur within two weeks. In other quarters, however, the feeling is that a crisis will not develop, at least until after the harvest, because of the work and contentment resulting from a very good crop.

Since the departure of Minister Grant-Smith there has been at no time such a change of conditions as would justify my reopening the question of recognition. …

  1. Not printed.