875.01/245: Telegram

The Minister in Albania (Grant-Smith) to the Secretary of State


62. Department’s 39 of June 24. Greece is the only country which has given unconditional recognition to Fan Noli’s government. The only failure to reply to his direct telegram was by the British Prime Minister. The Greek and Italian representatives have established formal relations with the government, but in the latter case with the reservations previously reported. The Servians will doubtless delay recognition. They are much concerned over the Irredentist influence which is apparent in the new regime, and Ahmed Zogu is at Belgrade. The French express [omission]. The only remaining regent, whose term expires next fall, has gone on indefinite leave, ostensibly for reasons of health, and his functions have been professedly transferred to the Prime Minister who states that there will be no elections before March 1925. Under these circumstances there is no remaining head of the State and the government proposes to start its program of much-needed agrarian and social reform unhampered by a legislative body. There is no, longer any pretension that the government has a legal status under the constitution.

I shall not address any formal communications to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I propose to hand to him impersonal memoranda of important conversations if such action is needed.