The Secretary of State to the Panaman Minister (Alfaro)

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of today by which you were so good as to inform me that your Government having studied the question of establishing regular diplomatic relations between Panama and Colombia has decided that the boundary question between Panama and Colombia should be settled by establishing definitively the frontier line existing in fact today and which is described as follows:

“From Cape Tiburón to the headwaters of the Rio de la Miel and following the mountain chain by the ridge of Gandi to the Sierra de Chugargun and that of Mali going down by the ridges of Nigue to the heights of Aspave and from thence to a point on the Pacific half way between Cocalito and La Ardita”.

You add that in order to bring this about the Minister Plenipotentiary who[m] your Government is accrediting near the Government of Colombia by virtue of the Procès Verbal signed today will bear instructions to sign as soon as may be agreeable to the Government of Colombia a special boundary convention which will fix the boundary as defined in your note quoted above.

In expressing to you the satisfaction which it has afforded this Government to learn that your Government has decided to settle this matter in the manner stated I take this opportunity to inform you that a copy of your note under acknowledgment is being transmitted by me today to the Colombian Minister.

Accept [etc.]

Charles E. Hughes