811.2300/39: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Schurman )

28. Your 46, January 26, noon. Following is extract from letter from War Department:

“The purpose of the flight is to demonstrate the feasibility with which aerial communication may be established between the various continents and to obtain desired information concerning the operation of present type aircraft in various climates of the world. It is hoped also to increase our scientific knowledge of aeronautics and to advance the art of aviation. Naturally, this government is also desirous of being the first to circumnavigate the globe by air.

The type of aircraft to be used is a transcript called the Douglas Cruiser. This is a modification of a commercial airplane which has been used for some time as a commercial air transport along our east coast. The plane is in no way a military type. It was built only for the purpose of the accomplishment of this flight.”

Bring foregoing to the attention of appropriate authorities and in your discretion state that replies have been received from majority of governments to whom requests were addressed for permission to cross territory and that all replies received have been favorable with the exception of that from Government at Peking.