867.111/139: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople (Bristol) to the Secretary of State

202. Several naturalized Americans of Ottoman origin who arrived recently from the United States on Steamer Canada, with their passports properly visaed by Spanish Consul,46 New York City, were refused permission to land and were [are?] now threatened with deportation. In conversation Adnan Bey informed me that no more naturalized citizens of Ottoman origin would be permitted to enter Turkey and that orders will be sent Spanish consul in New York to refuse visas to this class of persons. Unless, therefore, Department wishes to make an issue of this question, I suggest that no passports be issued to persons of Ottoman origin for return to Turkey. I will continue opposition in every practicable way possible to this Turkish attitude toward admission of these naturalized Americans.

  1. The Spanish Government represented Turkish interests in the United States during the interruption of regular diplomatic relations between the United States and Turkey.