711.672/53: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


345. Our telegram 340 of May 17. Following observations regarding informal talk last night with Cherif Bey are respectfully submitted.

1. It is possible that the reason for the sudden change of plans of the Turkish delegates, after intimating that discussions could not start until next week, is that they wish to get started with us before a possible break in the conference, because of the Greek situation.

2. It was apparent that on every matter discussed the attitude of the Turkish expert was one of great reserve. His remarks did not have that tone of generous and even cordial sympathy often shown by Turkish officials at Constantinople and Angora, as well as by the Turkish delegates here when considering affairs of interest to America.

3. We believe that we should offer something tangible at our next meeting as a basis for discussion.

With respect to judicial safeguards and general conditions of residence we might insist that the United States be given at least as much as the Allies are receiving in the convention56 and declaration57 which the Turks are discussing with the Allies. Concerning other subjects in which the United States has an immediate interest we might present such articles as we should expect the Turks to accept [Page 1065] taken from treaties now in force with other countries. Instructions are requested.

4. We will send a telegram tonight giving more detailed comment.58

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  3. Not printed.