711.672/7: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


194. Referring to Department’s 78 of January 8. It is our belief that we should gain a great advantage by beginning as soon as possible the discussions of a treaty of amity and commerce with the Turks. Our reasons are as follows:

Obstacles to making a treaty will be removed by a conclusion of peace between the Turks and the Allies, which now appears probable.
There would be nothing inappropriate in beginning discussions for our own treaty at the same time that the Allies and Turks are negotiating their treaty.
Ismet Pasha has in various ways intimated that he would welcome an exchange of views.
The prospect of a treaty with us which would appear advantageous to Turkey would encourage the Turks to make peace with the Allies, since Ismet understands that we will not sign before he has made peace with the Allies. This seems to us a very important consideration.
The sooner we make a treaty with the Turks after peace is concluded between the Turks and the Allies the less risk there will be that our interests or our negotiations for a treaty will be injured by the intrigues and competition of other powers.
The activity of the other powers in commercial and other relations with Turkey will naturally be stimulated by the conclusion of a treaty between Turkey and the Allies. Our own citizens will be put under a handicap if we do not take action before this rivalry gets under way, and the Turks may even try to exact concessions from us on the strength of our inferior status.

Should these views receive the approval of the Department we should be glad to have a summary of the treaty terms which the Department considers desirable, and it would be helpful to us to know that drafting experts and other necessary additions to our staff will be available. If it should seem desirable to maintain an attitude of reserve we solicit the Department’s permission to delay negotiations.

Am[erican] Mission