767.68119/550: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State


249. Most of what Ismet Pasha said to the American High Commissioner in Constantinople1 he reiterated today, in a short conversation, referring again to his distrust of the pacific intentions of the European powers, to the Chester concession, and to the direct negotiations of the concessionaires at Angora.

Ismet exhibits a strong desire to enter at once upon negotiations looking toward a treaty with the United States. He argues that an early settlement with the Allies would be promoted by a prior agreement with us. He regards the Chester concession as the initiation of economic relations with the United States which he hopes will become more intimate. His idea is to restore diplomatic and consular relations under a treaty of friendship and commerce, which could be supplemented by declaratory pledges from the Turkish Government offering protection of American missions and schools in accordance with Turkish law and guaranteeing fair treatment of Americans in trade and in the courts.

As soon as the situation clears I shall advise the Department in regard to paragraphs 10 and 11 of its instructions in telegram 28 of April 19, which has just been decoded at Berne. I infer from paragraph 12 that if no more satisfactory arrangements can be made the Department will assent to the Montagna formula.

  1. See supra.