767.68119/508: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Grew)


18. You may reserve lodgings at Lausanne provisionally if you think it may be difficult to obtain suitable quarters later on. But since it is still uncertain how far we shall be represented at Lausanne, the Department hopes that the arrangements you may make will not attract attention. The inviting powers have not yet notified the Department that the conference is to be reconvened, and present indications are that some of the powers may be inclined to have [Page 981] attendance at preparatory deliberations of experts restricted to Turkish and Allied delegations.

It is the wish of the Department, however, to have you in Lausanne when the conference resumes its sessions, and as early as possible you will receive more precise instructions. Instructions are going forward to Dolbeare in London89 and to Belin in Paris90 to be ready to proceed to Lausanne. Inform Department by cable what clerical force you will have at your disposal.

The Secretary is sending the following telegram to Child:

“In present state of affairs and in consideration of information received that the chiefs of the earlier Allied delegations will not be present at resumption of the conference, it does not seem desirable that you return to Lausanne. It will be impossible to determine on a course until we have more precise information, but the Department wishes to have you available for attendance at the conference, as your presence in Lausanne may be required later. It seems important that when the experts enter upon an examination of the treaty the Department be kept informed of the deliberations. It has been decided that in any case Grew should be present for the resumption of the conference and that he should be accompanied by a suitable body of assistants. The Department will notify you at once of any further decisions.”

  1. Frederic R. Dolbeare, first secretary of Embassy.
  2. Ferdinand L. Belin, second secretary of Embassy.