767.68119/170: Telegram

The Special Mission at Lausanne to the Secretary of State

7. Opening session yesterday with the President of Switzerland in the chair was public and purely ceremonial … First committee on territorial and military questions with two American delegates meets tomorrow morning under presidency of Curzon. No further plenary sessions at present.

At this morning’s session American delegation made following statement:

Mr. Chairman: The American delegation desires to express its sense of pleasure in having association with the delegates of the powers composing the Conference of Lausanne.

It is our understanding and we trust it is the understanding of the conference and its secretariat that our present position is that of the representatives of the United States who in plenary and other sessions including those of commissions and committees will be entitled to be present and to be heard in equality with other members, but we are to have no right of voting nor obligations of taking office, presiding or otherwise, or of becoming signatories of agreements or reports.

The American delegation will make one contribution to the conference—its statements will be direct and brief.

In reply the chairman said participation of American representatives in the manner described is cordially welcomed. America is deeply interested in question[s] before conference. Although their participation must be restricted, conference is happy to count on their presence. Curzon expressed particular enthusiasm with statement that our remarks would be direct and brief and hoped that this example would be followed by all delegations.

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