The British Embassy to the Department of State 7

The Governments of Great Britain, France and Italy are inviting the Governments of Japan, Roumania, Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey to send representatives to Lausanne on November 13th to conclude a treaty of peace to end the war in the East. They are also inviting the Russian and Bulgarian Governments to send representatives, at a date to be fixed later, to participate in the discussions which the conference will undertake, in the course of its proceedings, on the subject of the Straits.

The three principal Allied Powers recall that a representative of the United States Government was present at San Remo in the final stages of the proceedings of the Supreme Council which led to the drafting of the Treaty of Sevres in 1920. They would welcome the presence of a United States representative at Lausanne in a similar capacity or in a more active capacity, especially in the discussion upon the question of the Straits.

  1. Identic notes were received from the French and Italian Ambassadors.