The Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs, Department of State ( Dulles ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Phillips )

Mr. Phillips: In the course of an informal discussion with regard to the situation in the Near East, Craigie, First Secretary of the British Embassy, asked me whether, in my opinion, there was any chance of this Government’s consenting to send a representative to take part in the Near Eastern settlement. I said that I could not answer this but that I would be glad to mention to Mr. Phillips that the question had been raised. Craigie said that he did not wish to make an official inquiry but that it would be helpful if at any time we could give them an informal hint as to whether we would consent to be represented. He left with me the impression that there might be some hesitation about sending us an invitation to the Conference if it were unlikely to be favorably considered.

A[llen] W. D[ulles]