611.5231/290: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain (Moore)

68. Your 100, October 17, 12 p.m.

Acknowledge note from Foreign Office and reply as follows:

“I informed my Government of the text of your communication and am instructed to reply thereto as follows: The Government of the [Page 868] United States is duly appreciative of the friendly spirit demonstrated by the Spanish Government in agreeing to continue for a further period of six months from November 5, next, the present commercial arrangement between the two countries. This arrangement evidencing as it does the desire of the two Governments to leave unfettered the commercial intercourse which has subsisted between their two countries for a number of years can have no effect other than to promote the good relations between them which it is the desire of the Government of the United States to perpetuate.

Concerning the statement in your Excellency’s note regarding advantages which the Spanish Government may accord to other countries in treaties which may come into force during the period for which the present arrangement has been extended, my Government observes that if this is to be understood as meaning that the Government of the United States may not be entitled to such advantages it must on its part reserve freedom of action with respect to imports from Spain in the event that American goods in Spain are placed at a disadvantage.

My Government desires that in expressing to you its satisfaction with the present temporary arrangement I should inform Your Excellency that the Government of the United States holds itself ready to resume at any time that may be convenient to your Government negotiations with a view to the concluding of a permanent treaty of commerce.”

The reference to “the aforementioned date” at the end of the first paragraph of the Spanish note is ambiguous. It apparently refers to November 5 although May 5 is the last preceding date mentioned.