611.5231/274: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Moore) to the Secretary of State

89. The Spanish Government has informed me it is impossible under their laws to grant prorogation of the treaty without some consideration. They have made the following proposition: If we will consider in our treaty negotiations: First, the authorization of Spain to export to America Spanish wines for scientific, medicinal and sacramental purposes; second, permission to Spanish vessels to enter ports under the jurisdiction of the United States carrying cargoes of wine consigned to other countries under seal in any manner our Government desires as likewise such wines as may be intended for consumption by passengers and crews; third, that the President avail himself of section 315 of the tariff act and order an immediate investigation to discover whether the duties assessed upon vegetable preserves, licorice extract, etc., are not excessive and if excessive that the tariffs be reduced; on its side the Spanish Government would grant most-favorable-nation treatment for a determined number of products of the United States in which we are most interested.

The Spanish Government further states that if the American Government will accept this proposal as a basis of negotiations subsequent amendments would permit the arrangement of a modus vivendi or provisional agreement until treaty is concluded.

Please cable me immediately to Madrid whether or not I should accept this proposal or any instructions in the premises.