861.404/92: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Houghton) to the Secretary of State

63. Your 27, March 28, 5 p.m. Decided to reach Russian Ambassador by using Professor Stein who acted as go between for Tchicherin and myself. Stein accordingly saw Ambassador who agreed willingly to meet me today at Stein’s apartment. Later, however, on reading Renter’s despatch from Washington stating that you had instructed me to make certain representations to him, he sent word by Stein, first, that the executions had been postponed so that the matter was no longer urgent, second, that he could not now meet me informally without instructions from Moscow because he now knew from Reuter despatch that what I wished to lay before him was for Russia a purely domestic matter, and, third, that he had himself forwarded full copy of the Reuter despatch to Moscow. There matter now rests.

In view of the above, I am disinclined to meet with Ambassador even if he obtains consent from Moscow. Further, communication with him should, it seems to me, be made by a secretary. Have you any instructions?