The Sinclair Exploration Company to the Secretary of State

Sir: Further to our letter of October 24th 1923, we wish to advise you that the party sent from here on September 27th 1923 by the Sinclair Exploration Company, for the purpose of commencing exploration work for oil in the Russian part of the Island of Sakhalin, left the city of Nickolaevsk on the mainland of Siberia on February 5th of this year and crossed the ice to Post Alexandrovski, the port of entrance to the Island of Sakhalin.

We have since received cable reports from this party stating that they were not permitted by the Japanese military authorities in control of this island to do any work and were obliged to leave Post Alexandrovski on February 20th on board an ice-breaker. The party arrived at Otaru, Japan on or about the 1st of March and from that point proceeded to Peking, China.

We have [etc.]

Sinclair Exploration Company
R. Crandall