711.61/71: Telegram

The Soviet Commissar for Foreign Affairs (Chicherin) to President Coolidge

No. 613

It has been the constant endeavor of Soviet government to bring about resumption of friendly relations with United States of America based upon mutual trust. With this end in view it has repeatedly announced its readiness to enter into negotiations with American government and to remove all misunderstandings and differences between the two countries. After reading your message to Congress21 Soviet Government sincerely anxious to establish at last firm friendship with people and government United States informs you of its complete readiness to discuss with your government all problems mentioned in your message, these negotiations being based on principle mutual nonintervention internal affairs. Soviet government will continue wholeheartedly to adhere this principle expecting same attitude from American government. As to question of claims mentioned your message Soviet government is fully prepared to negotiate with view its satisfactory settlement on assumption that principle reciprocity recognized all round. On its part Soviet government is ready to do all in its power so far as dignity and interests of its country permit to bring about the desired end of renewal of friendship with United States of America.

People’s Commissary for Foreign Affairs