819.74/114: Telegram

The Minister in Panama (South) to the Secretary of State

47. Refer to my despatch number 212, February 19, 1923.53 I received yesterday a reply … too long for transmission by cable and will be forwarded by next pouch.53 Panaman Government denies that treaty of 1903 lends itself to interpretation granting the United States control of wireless communications reiterates Minister Alfaro’s contention that raison d’être of decree of August 29, 1914 disappeared with conclusion of the war and declares that the control of wireless communications in Panaman territory excepting official communications of the United States in connection with the operation of Canal has returned ipso facto to the Panaman Government.

To the series of regulations suggested by the Canal Government the Panaman Government submits a counterproposal based upon its refusal to recognize the right of the United States to dictate and enforce regulations for the control of wireless communications in Panaman territory.

I am sending Governor of Canal Zone copy of Panaman memorandum for his information but shall take no further action pending Department’s instruction.

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