811.512357 Shipping/21

The Norwegian Minister ( Bryn ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Mr. Acting Secretary of State: With reference to my note of February 13, last, in which was stated that foreign shipping is in fact exempt from taxation in Norway I now have the honor to inform your Excellency that, according to information received from my Government, the Norwegian taxation acts of August 18, 1911, contain the following provision: “The question whether foreign steamship-companies are to be taxed for operating a service of liners on Norwegian ports and in case to what an extent such a taxation is to be imposed, is to be decided by the King”. There has, however, not been issued any regulations under this provision about taxation of foreign steamship companies operating a service of liners on Norwegian ports. As to taxation of other foreign shipping trade on Norwegian ports no provision is contained in our taxation acts. [Page 636] Such shipping is therefore at present not taxed in Norway at all, and the exemption of foreign shipping from taxation in Norway has thus been effective even further back than January 1, 1917.

In connection herewith my Government has also informed me that specific statutes regarding the exemption from taxation of foreign shipowners are now being framed in Norway.

Under these circumstances I beg again to express the hope that necessary measures may be taken by the United States Government in order to secure that the tax-exemption for Norwegian shipowners in this country may be valid not only from January 1, 1921, but also include the years 1917, 1918, 1919 and 1920.23

I avail myself [etc.]

H. Bryn
  1. For the position taken on the question of retroactive tax exemption, to which no reply was made to the Norwegian Government, see the note of Aug. 9, 1922, to the Swedish Chargé, Post, p. 878.