The Norwegian Chargé (Arentz) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary of State: According to instructions from my Government I have the honor to communicate to the United States Government that a Norwegian citizen, Christoffer Evensen Ruud, has occupied the island Jan Mayen, situated in the Arctic Ocean between the west coast of Norway and Greenland. Mr. Ruud informed the Norwegian Government in letter of August 19, and November 12, 1917, that he had occupied the said island during an expedition with the cutter “Jonas” in August 1917, and that he intended to prospect for ore and minerals, to establish a station for catch of animals, to start seal-oil manufacturing and ore washing. Mr. Ruud has asked that his occupation of the island be notified to the United States Government.

I have the honor to communicate this matter to Your Excellency with a view that it be brought to the knowledge of the appropriate authorities of the United States.

Please accept [etc.]

Erik Arentz