411.57 N 83/510

President Harding to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have yours of January 11th, in which you report to me on the arbitration award made in certain claims of Norwegian nationals against the United States, arising out of requisitions of the United States Emergency Fleet Corporation. I have noted with very great interest the details of the report you make. As already indicated in personal interview, I believe it altogether desirable that these awards be accepted and payment made promptly even though it is impossible to agree to the justice thereof. Accordingly, I am transmitting your letter12 and copies of the award to [Page 626]the House and Senate so that early consideration may be given by the Congress and necessary appropriations made.

Very truly yours,

Warren G. Harding
  1. Not printed; see penultimate paragraph of letter of Jan. 11 to the President, supra.