817.00/2997: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Ramer) to the Secretary of State

93. Department’s instruction number 102, October 8th, 1923 and telegram dated December 13, 6 p.m. Yesterday afternoon I received the reply which President Martinez instructed Minister for Foreign Affairs to make in the following manner.

The Nicaraguan Government deems it expedient that the marines remain here at least until installation of the new Government in January 1925.

The Government agrees to Dodds coming to Nicaragua at the expense of Nicaraguan Government some months before elections, suggesting the months of February to April, for the purpose of helping in the installation of the new electoral system and to be accompanied by two or three assistants at most should it be absolutely necessary, suggesting that number might be increased from the Legation guard. Government regrets that stringency of economic situation does not permit it to incur expense for Dodds remaining longer than absolutely necessary.

The President approves of the creation of a national guard but the present limited budget does not permit at present its [establishment?]. He would appreciate it if United States Government would permit some Nicaraguans to receive instruction from the officers of [Page 614] Legation guard so as to be able to help in the formation of the proposed national guard. This Government does not doubt that the United States Government will want to use its good offices to have the Financial Plan of 19208 modified to increase the budget to cover expense of maintenance of national guard.

Finally nothing in the Legation’s note has been considered as an intent to intervene in the next elections whose freedom this Government proposes to guarantee by all means within its power. Copy of note by mail next week.

  1. A financial agreement between the Government of Nicaragua and the two New York banking houses of Brown Brothers & Co. and J. W. Seligman & Co.