817.00/2920c: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Ramer)

4. Department regards it as extremely important that electoral law as drafted by Mr. Dodds1 should be enacted without substantial changes by Nicaraguan Congress in sessions this year. You may discuss proposed law informally with the President, reminding him of the promise made by the Nicaraguan Government before his inauguration to the effect that an American expert would be employed for the revision of the electoral law, and stating that the Department considers that this promise, which was carried out when Dr. Dodds was employed, implied a promise to adopt in principle the recommendations made. You may say your Government attaches the greatest importance to the enactment of an electoral law which will give assurance of fairness and freedom in the presidential elections of 1924. While minor changes may be necessary in the draft as submitted, Department feels that such changes should not be of a nature which would affect the safeguards provided by Dr. Dodds’ draft.

Department desires to be informed by cable of any changes which the President or Congress may deem it advisable to make. You should make every effort to procure early consideration and adoption of the law.

  1. The draft is not printed. Harold W. Dodds was engaged by contract of Dec. 15, 1921, with the Government of Nicaragua, to assist in the revision of the electoral laws of Nicaragua.