881.512/35: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Rand) to the Secretary of State

Your number 20 of July 31, 3 p.m. Alcohol is not included among articles taxed by dahir originally in question relating to tea, sugar, coffee but appears to be subjected to taxation under a distinct dahir of anterior date. I have therefore construed the Department’s latest instruction in the sense that the first-mentioned tax be applied to shipments of American nationals, while considering Cohen’s gin shipment possible cause of separate representations looking to securing request by the Spanish authorities for the American Government’s sanction of alcohol tax dahir prior to applying the provisions thereof to Americans. American protégés and citizens have therefore been advised that as from August 1st their refusal to pay consumption tax on tea, coffee, sugar will not be supported. I have likewise informed interested colleagues of this action and have been advised by the Dutch Agent that he has now been authorized to apply the tax to Netherland subjects.