881.00/868: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State

487. Your 429, November 28, 1 [5] p.m. Contents communicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which expressed the hope that when the draft of convention is submitted to the United States Government it will see its way clear to cancelation of American capitulatory rights.

Your 432, November 30, 5 p.m.7 The Foreign Office informs me that the draft of convention regarding Tangier will be ready within 15 days and will at once be submitted to the signatories of the Act of Algeciras. The convention provides for the native population of Tangier to be administered by the Sultan’s representatives, the municipal administration to be determined by the assembly composed of the representatives of the signatory powers to the Algeciras Act with the exception of Germany and Austria. These are to have the broadest powers. Mixed courts modeled on those of Egypt, the members of which will be French, British and Spanish, will be substituted for the consular courts. There is no question of a substitution of any kind to the international judicial compilation. A very small strip of the international zone containing 900 inhabitants is to be allocated to Spain. As previously stated it is proposed to abolish the diplomatic agencies and substitute therefor career consulates three representing the powers signatory to the Algeciras Act [garbled group].

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The Foreign Office gives every assurance that the rights of American citizens and the policy of the open door will be strictly maintained.

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