881.00/857: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey ) to the Secretary of State


477. Through the Foreign Office I have learned informally that the question of abolishing the diplomatic agencies at Tangier has not been brought up before the Conference and for that reason the British Government has not had it under consideration. It seems to the Foreign Office, however, that a natural consequence of the complete internationalization of Tangier would be, by its broad nature, to eliminate diplomatic envoys to Morocco to be stationed at Tangier, though of course other officials of the foreign powers would be represented in the administration. It was pointed out to me in addition that no power that was signatory to the convention of Algeciras is bound by the decisions of the present conference and that they would be given full opportunity to approve or disapprove if and when a formula is adopted. I have been assured that the British Government is endeavoring to obtain complete and independent internationalization. In opposition the French will attempt to create a nominal internationalization really under French control.