Señor Enrique Seldner to the Secretary of State

Sir: The undersigned, Consul General of the Provisional Government of Mexico, in New York, and in charge, for the time being, of the interests of that Government in the United States, has the honor to inform the Department of State that his Government, as a result of its operations, now controls the greater part of the Mexican Republic, including all ports on the Gulf Coast, save one, as well as all ports on the Pacific, except those in Sonora and Sinaloa. The major part of the national military and naval forces are sustaining the Provisional Government, which expects, within a brief period, completely to exercise dominion over the entire country.

In the midst of the campaign now in progress, the Government of the undersigned views with grave concern reports in the press that the Government of the United States has determined to extend active and material aid to the administration of President Alvaro Obregon, by supplying him with rifles, ammunition and, possibly, airplanes on a deferred payment basis, amounting, practically, to a donation, for use against the revolutionary movement of which Ex-President Adolfo de la Huerta is the chief, and the purpose of which is to resist the unconstitutional imposition of General Plutarco Elias Calles as president of the republic, by General Obregon, in defiance of all law and the free right of suffrage. In event the reports in the press described above are true, and munitions of war are to be delivered as proposed, the undersigned is instructed by his Government to inform the Department of State that such will only serve to prolong the period of bloodshed essential to the overthrow of the Obregon administration, which, however constitutionally installed in power, has utterly refused and failed to comply with its solemn duty to the people, the great body of whom sustain the principles upon which the present armed movement is based.

In view of the foregoing facts, the Government of the undersigned hereby begs to submit its respectful protest against the delivery of munitions of war of whatsoever kind to the Obregon government by [Page 571] the Government of the United States, with which to make war on the Mexican people, thus tending to disturb those friendly and neighborly feelings and sentiments which should exist between the Government and people of Mexico and those of the United States, which the Government of the undersigned is so anxious to sustain and to cultivate.

The undersigned begs [etc.]34

Enrique Seldner
  1. This communication does not appear to have been answered.