Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation with the Mexican Chargé (Tellez), December 26, 1923

Mr. Tellez said that Mr. Ramon Ross32 had intended to call but had been detained by illness. Mr. Tellez referred to his request made at a preceding interview to be informed whether the United States would be willing to sell vessels which could be used as vessels of war. The Secretary again referred to the Naval Treaty and said that while that treaty only related to the disposition of vessels of war, still the selling of merchant craft with the knowledge that they were acquired and immediately to be used as vessels of war would conflict with the spirit of the treaty which the United States Government was very desirous to have maintained in its full vigor.

Mr. Tellez then said that there were at Fort Sam Houston at San Antonio, Texas, a considerable number of rifles and he asked whether the Government would be willing to sell them. There were also some guns which they desired to purchase which could be put upon ships now owned by the Mexican Government. The Secretary said that he would be glad to consider that matter and would take it up with the President and let Mr. Tellez know the conclusion.

  1. Mexican Commissioner on confidential mission in the United States.