711.1211/61a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Summerlin)


21. On February 27, General James A. Ryan2 in person informed the Department that General Obregón had assured him a short time ago that he would be pleased to see the problems between the United States and Mexico discussed by a commission to be made up of representatives of the two countries. The Secretary replied that such a procedure was most agreeable to him, in fact he had thought of suggesting the same idea, but had not done so, fearing that a premature suggestion would come to naught, and render it impossible to use this promising procedure on a more auspicious occasion.

On March 5, at a subsequent meeting, General Ryan was informed by the Secretary that President Harding was favorably disposed towards the suggestion, and was ready to name two representatives of the United States to confer with two representatives of Mexico for the purpose of discussing the questions now existing between the two nations. The Secretary stated further that he does not favor any secret procedure and, if the step be taken, he prefers that it should be taken openly, and that a public announcement of the appointment of the commission should be made. It does not matter whether the procedure is suggested by General Obregón or here. In either case, however, the American Embassy in Mexico is the channel through which the suggestion should be made, as well as the arrangement of the details. This telegram is sent you merely for your information, and in case General Obregón should not decide to make the suggestion, you need take no steps in the matter.

  1. Representative of the Texas Oil Co., S. A., in Mexico.