The Japanese Ambassador (Hanihara) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of today’s date, communicating to me your understanding reached in our informal conversations in connection with the renewal of the Convention of Arbitration concluded between Japan and the United [Page 512] States, May 5, 1908, and extended in its operation until August 24 of this year.

I am happy to be able to confirm to you, under instructions from my Government, your understanding as set forth in the following terms:

“On February 24 last the President proposed to the Senate that it consent under certain stated conditions to the adhesion by the United States to the Protocol of December 16, 1920, under which the Permanent Court of International Justice has been created at the Hague. As the Senate does not convene in its regular session until December next, action upon this proposal will necessarily be delayed. In the event that the Senate gives its assent to the proposal, I understand that the Government of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan will not be averse to considering a modification of the Convention of Arbitration which we are renewing, or the making of a separate agreement, providing for the reference of disputes mentioned in the Convention to the Permanent Court of International Justice.”

Accept [etc.]

M. Hanihara